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A lady on safari in Africa

Hey there, I’m Natasha

I am a freelance photographer and digital content creator. I am from the UK but based in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya.   

I love exploring the African continent and creating digital content as I go. I create wildlife and lifestyle photographs, write blog articles and manage Instagram accounts to help your business grow and stand out among the crowds.

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A land cruiser

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Land Cruiser

A lady on safari

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Safari & Photography

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Naional Parks

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Stunning safari content

I create beautiful wildlife, lifestyle, lodge and product content to advertise your place to its full potential.

Write blog posts

Blog posts allow a much more in-depth dive to enable me to really go into details. Accompanied by edited high-quality photos your product will really come to life.

Reteti Elephant sanctuary
5 must-see places in northern Kenya

 Advertise your product or service

If your product or service aligns with me and my audience I also offer sponsored Instagram posts in the form of in-feed posts, stories and reels. Take a look at my media kit here.

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