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Hi I’m Natasha

I am a wildlife photographer and traveller. I am currently living in Kenya and I have been exploring the African Continent for 7 years. I spend a lot of time on safari, hiking, cycling, walking my dogs and just being in the great outdoors. I have a passion for wildlife photography and the photos you will see are from my travels around East and Southern Africa.  All photos you see are available as fine art, sustainable photographic prints delivered straight to your door. Check out the fine art collections here or look through the gallery below. Also, check out the blog page for insight into and inspiration for travelling around Africa. If you have any questions or are interested in working together, please, don't hesitate to get in contact.

Fine Art Print Gallery


A mother and baby elephant grazing

A young elephant hiding behind his mother legs

A young lion cub looking back at the camera while lying on a termite mound in the golden sunlight

A young lion cub winking while sitting on a termite mound

A rhino in the golden sunlight at sunset

Baby elephant with his ears out

A fine art print of a male impala

Zebra close up

Elephant black and white

two elephants walking

Zebra dark edit

A photo of a herd of elephant walking on the green grass with a cloudy blue sky

Two zebra kissing surrounded by green hills

A Fine art Print of male Lion looking to the right

Edit gallery

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