Prints Across Africa

Your East African Safari Guide

Photographer and content creator based in Kenya. I can help you plan your dream safari

Prints Across Africa

Fine Art Wildlife Photographic Prints

I am fortunate to have travelled a lot and I always have my camera. My wildlife photographs are available as fine art sustainable prints. Buy online and wait for them to be delivered straight to your door.

Prints Across Africa

Safari Planning Advice

I have been on many safaris including self-driving and company organised. If you need tips and advice for a safari in Africa feel free to get in contact. For a start, you can download the Free Safari Guide below.

Hi I’m Natasha

A freelance photography and digital content creator based in Kenya. I have lived and travelled in East Africa for over 8 years. In my free time I love to explore the far flung, remote corners of Eastern and southern Africa identifying the best places for you to visit.     

My favourite way to travel is in our kitted out  land cruiser, giving us the freedom to explore and be close to nature. 

Read on for safari advise, tips of travelling in East Africa and wildlife photography prints.

If you would like to join me for a hosted safari then give schedule a call and we can start planning your dream trip.

A lady on safari in Africa
Reteti elephant sanctuary community united for elephants
Two adult elephants with their forehead and trunks together
A cheetah resting in the brown grass
Baby elephants running for their milk
Lion cb on a termite mound
A baby impala
A Cheetah in Samburu
A herd of elephants in.a dry riverbed
A fine art high key photographic print of a close up of a masai giraffe with an oxpecker on its back
A lady on Safari

Safari Advice

If you are thinking about a safari but don’t know where to start then book your free 30 minute consultation call. No question is too small to ask.

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Fine Art Wildlife Prints 

I am fortunate to have travelled to many of the top safari destinations in Eastern and Southern Africa. I have made some. of my favourite shots available for purchase as fine art wildlife prints. Click on the collection to see more. 

Stories from Africa

Follow along with my blog for stories, inspiration, photography tips and more 

Free pre safari organisation check list

Download my my free check list and in the follow up emails you will also receive a wildlife photography tips guide, a packing list and and a useful apps guide.

Get in contact 

Do you have a question, a collaboration idea or just want to have a chat,  please don’t hesitate to get in contact and I will be happy do discuss further


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