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Hi I’m Natasha

A freelance photographer and digital content creator based in Kenya. I take the stress of content creation away from busy safari companies by photographing and creating authentic content for your safari accommodation or service.  Content that will make you stand out from the crowd, grow your reach and increase your revenue.    

I am originally from the UK but I  have lived on the African continent for over 8 years. I have an authentic love for safari, wildlife and Africa and love nothing more than to travel this vast continent sharing the magic of Africa with the world.

My photographic skills, intimate love for Africa, experience in the safari industry and knowledge of content marketing will enable me to curate your perfect content to attract your ideal client to you again and again.  Let me tell your story…

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Get Artisan Content for your safari service 

Prints Across Africa is an unique artisan photography & done-for-you content service that will help you grow your reach and increase revenue.

Identify your needs

Identity your content needs

Together we will identify how I can help you attract more clients while at the same time freeing up your precious time so you can focus on your guest’s experience.  I will take a look at your social media and website and identify the gaps and areas for improvement.  Click the button below to fill out a form to get your free needs assessment.

Onsite phototography

Unique onsite photography

I will take unique first hand photos of your safari experience.  These photos will then be used in your social media and/or website content to ensure that you stand out from the crowd and can attract your ideal client.


Custom content strategy

Custom content strategy

Your unique photos will be combined with a custom content strategy to help you attract your ideal client with one of the following ‘done-for-you’ services:

– SEO optimised blogs.                                                           – website copy                                                                           – social media management

In addition, if your product/service aligns with me I can offer sponsored posts to promote your company to my audience.

Regular custom content

Tailored consistent content for your blog and/or social media

Maintaining a consistent blog feed and social media presence keeps you at the forefront of your customer’s minds, builds strong relationships and position yourself as the expert in your industry. We can continue your content creation for as long as you need.


Photographic Portfolios

Lifestyle Content

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Wildlife Content

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Accommodation Content

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What can strategic content do for you?

Grow your audience

Travellers now use google as well as social media to get inspiration, ask for recommendations, book their trip and then share photos and videos about their trip. These then provide inspiration for the next traveller.



Build a community

A good content strategy can get new eyes on your company, strong content and positive experiences will then turn them into followers and fans of  your company.

They will then advertise to your next potential clients- free of charge. The end result is more customers.

Trustworthy recommendations

User-generated content is perceived as more trustworthy than travel agents, marketing and official tourism websites. This means if someone they know, like and trust from social media or on their blog is telling them to go to a certain lodge then they are going to listen.

Are you ready?


The power of digital content is great and you need to be taking advantage of it to grow your business. Are you ready to start using digital content to attract your ideal client,  build a community of fans and  increase your revenue?

Ready to free up your time?

Are you ready to free up your time to focus on your guests? If so just send me a quick email or schedule a call below letting me know what kind of content or services you need and we can go from there. If you're not convinced yet, that's ok too. You can send me a quick enquiry or schedule a call and we can discuss further.
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I’m ready to elevate my content!

If you are ready to free up time or wish to discuss this further you can either email me or set up a time below for us to have a chat, just let me know a few details about what you require and we can go from there!

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