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Instagram Safari Templates

One week’s worth of free templates to help you sell safaris through your Instagram account.

Free instagram templates

Understanding safari in East Africa

The ultimate guide with everything you need to know to have a beytter understanding of safarin in east Africa

Your guide to understanding safari in East Africa

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One years worth of Instagram Safari Content

Strategically planned Instagram safari templates designed to help you increase your followers, build engagement and as a result sell more safari through social media.

Tools & Equipment

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Canva Design Tool


I use Canva to design my Instagram templates, blog banners, Youtube thumbnails and everything else you can think of that involves an element of design.

Click the button for  30 day free trial of Canva pro

Nikon D500

Nikon D500

I use a Nikon D500 for all of my photography combined with a number of lenses.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost web hosting

To host my website I use Bluehost, they have great customer service and fast site speeds.

Missinglettr Social Media Share

Missinglettr social share

Missinglettr automatically takes each new blog post and schedules social media content from it. All you have to do is approve the initial campaign and the rest is done for you.