8 steps to successful safari content creation

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Safari providers

This blog post will talk you through how to build a consistent content strategy to attract your ideal client and increase revenue in the safari industry. Read on to discover the 8 simple steps to successful safari content creation.

Do you find yourself constantly fumbling to find a photo and write a caption for your Instagram? Do you have a list of relevant hashtags saved somewhere but can never remember where?

Have you signed up and handed over your precious email for various free social media hack ideas and cheat sheets but are still lost when it comes to actually write a post?

Do you have a website and all the great intentions to have an informative and valuable blog but don’t actually know what to write about?

If this sounds like you then you need to keep reading. To start your journey to successful safari marketing content…

Where to focus your attention

 It’s easy to get distracted by social media, you are constantly being told you need to post every day, be present on your stories, jump on new trends, post reels, have a Linkedin account, make Youtube videos… the list is endless.

You get caught up doing the small tasks that stop you from doing the things that actually matter. Trust me, I’ve also been guilty of this.

But here’s the truth…an Instagram post a day will not make or break your business. Instead, you need to be focusing your attention on your own land, your website.

Instagram, Youtube, Twitter etc are all rented land. At any moment that land can be taken away from you and all your hard work disappears before your eyes.

 However, if you put your time and effort into your own land, your website, it will forever be working for you behind the scenes. An evergreen marketing gem.

With the correct content on your blog, your website will consistently put you at the top of the list as the number one company to book their next safari with.

 Let’s have a look at the steps it takes to make that consistent, quality content. Ready to get off the social media content hamster wheel? Follow the steps below, and then fill out the prompts to build your rock-solid safari content strategy.”

8 steps to successful safari content creation

 Step 1 identify your ideal client

 Once you have identified your ideal client you will have a better understanding of how to target them. Who is your ideal client? This will depend on the type of safaris you run. Maybe you do photographic safaris, cultural safaris, and traditional ‘big 5’ safaris. Who are your previous clients, are they old or young, which countries do they come from, do they like luxury or budget safaris?

 Step 2 – identify their pain points

Understanding their pain points enables you to write content to solve them and consequently position yourself as the expert. What is it that your ideal client is struggling with?

Use polls on Instagram/Facebook to ask your followers what their biggest issues are when it comes to planning and booking safaris.

 Conduct 30-minute research calls. Offer free safari advice in exchange for 30 minutes of picking their brain.

On the research call ask your ideal client, ‘If you could click your fingers and get one thing done in relation to your safari holiday, what would it be?’

 You can also use the Google search page to help you identify their pain points. Type in the pain points you identified on the research call and look at what other related issues people are searching for.

People also asked google search

 Then scroll to the bottom of the google page for ‘related searches’ and use this to inform your next content.

Related search

Step 3 – Publish quality content on your blog once a week to solve their pain points

Showing up consistently builds trust with your audience and Google. From your market, research and polls write content that solves their pain points. For example, if your market research call identified ‘not knowing where to go on a first-time safari’ as a pain point then your first blog might be ‘Top 5 destinations for a first-time safari’.

Use their exact words to ensure that when they are searching for answers on google your blog has a good chance of showing up. Inside your blog use ‘calls to action’ too, for example, ‘book your first safari now’. This will then link your ideal client to your itineraries, booking page or a way to schedule a consultation with you or your team.

Do you still need help? Our ‘done for you’ services packages include ‘content strategy planning and content creation.‘ We will do all the planning and writing for you. All you need to do is focus on your current guest while we attract the next ones. Find out more here.

 Step 4 – Use social media to boost your reach

Being present and social on social media enables you to be approachable and at the forefront of people’s minds when thinking about the safari. Select the most appropriate social media for where your ideal client ‘hangs out’. For example, if you are targeting corporate businesses or high-end luxury safari-goers then use Linkedin.

If your ideal client is a budget safari-goers then you could utilise ‘Backpacker’ groups on Facebook.

 Post snippets from your blog onto social media or make a video giving a few bits of information from your blog. Your calls to action should lead them to your website, put your website as your bio link.

Identity and stick to a posting strategy that works for you. For example, posting 3 times a week at the time when your followers are most active (use insights to find out this information).

Still need help? If you are thinking you don’t have time to be dealing with constant social media content creation, no problem, we can do it for you! Our ‘done for you’ package includes social media marketing so you can be present with your audience without the stress. Check out our packages here.

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8 steps to successful safari content creation

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