My clients are tired of not getting enough safari bookings, that’s why I put together this resource of 5 reasons to hire a professional photographer in your safari business. So you can understand how hiring a professional photographer will help to increase your safari bookings.

Hiring a professional photographer enables the potential client to envisage their safari experience

A picture paints a thousand words. You can try to describe the view over the savanna from the room or the way the pool is surrounded by a dozen yellow fever trees scattering dabbled shade over the lounge chairs. You can describe the colourful lunch plating and the warm smiles of the staff as they serve your lunch but what better way to describe it than to show it? Hiring a professional photographer enables you to show off your lodge or safari experience in the best light and makes your next guests want to book you more.

Photos help you show up more on Google


If you have beautiful professional photos posted on your website which have correctly labelled alternative text then you are more likely to show up when people search on google.

Build a connection with your potential clients

Photos of you as the lodge or safari company owner or manager and your staff help potential guests feel more connected to you. Without ever having met you, they can feel like they know you and are therefore more inclined to come to your lodge.

Builds interest and understanding of your company

Posting ‘behind the scenes’ photos helps your potential guests to know more about your staff and company and the way you work. You can use photos to showcase your vegetable garden and your commitment to responsible tourism. Your electric safari cars and your commitment to green energy or your outreach projects and your commitment to community development.

Makes it easy to see your amenities and facilities

Instead of having to read through the pages of your website to see if you have a pool or not, a potential guest can immediately see the pool as well as the outdoor gym, the spacious rooms and the double showers in one quick look.

Potential guests can build an emotional connection

Showing photos of guests enjoying the lodge or the safari experience helps potential guests to imagine themselves there having a great time and makes them more likely to book.