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18th May 

I woke up early today with great plans (ok not that great – just the usual dog run/walk/stumble). However, Roo had made different plans for me. I spent the morning cleaning up Roo’s diarrhea, despite the fact that, as we did discovered just yesterday, Roo can escape any time she wants out of the window (she has figured out how to push open the velcro herself) evidently she did not think that diarrhea was reason enough to escape to be able to do her business outside. Instead she went in no less that 3 our of the 4 rooms (the door to our room was shut). Thus it ensuring that she soiled every room available to her, including 2 of the newly washed carpets. In the long term her not escaping in the middle of the night into the wilderness to do her business is a good thing, as it evaded the very real risk of being eaten by a predator, however when cleaning up 3 rooms of dog poo at 6:30 in the morning, one can’t help but wish she had taken the risk!
Sorry to keep on the topic of poo, but even Duma, despite now being able to go outside wherever she pleases (except at night) still decided to come back into the house to do her business, but at least she did it in her litter tray.

Anyway, despite the bad start, it didn’t take long before our day got better. The early morning cool (temperate wise, not status wise) dog walk turned into a later morning, slighter hotter, slow stroll, giving us time to take in our surroundings. A glance to the left along the camp road to see mount Kenya clearly in the distance, a little pause to admire her beauty, and along comes my favourite animal, a giraffe, followed by 2 other adults and a small baby (I just googled what baby giraffes are called – calves apparently) strolling nonchalantly in from of mount Kenya to make the perfect picture to put a smile on my face. Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me so a phone picture/video will have to do for you to get the idea.
If you look carefully you will see 3 giraffes

In the afternoon we went for a drive and to a little lunch place on the way to Nanyuki, it was a proper Nyama Choma (grilled meat) joint and I had a delicious Lamb curry and a lot of chips and Charl was very happy to get some decent lamb chops.


This place also had a beautiful shop, the type of shop where you want to buy everything in it! Lots of little trinkets and also useful things. It would also be the perfect place to try and stock our prints so we have taken the owner’s number to see if we can get in touch to speak to her about having our prints on display and them getting a commission if they are sold. If that’s not a reason to give me a kick up the arse with editing photos then I don’t know what is.

On the way home, we attempted to find the shortcut but took a wrong turn and ended up going the long way through the beautiful forest. Past some ostrich, zebra, oryx, etc every drive is a game drive ?
Natasha Chapman

Natasha Chapman

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  1. Africa with Pets

    Thanks Val, yeh she is fine now. Yes its endless grass land, its beautiful

  2. Val

    Ahh room to breathe. Grassland forever. Heaven.
    Sorry about the rough start to the morning. I hope Roo is ok?


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