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12th May

Today I didn’t do much, I spent a lot of time in front of the computer editing the jackal cub photos and old photos which I hadn’t gotten around to yet. I also attempted to make the house keepers less scared of the dogs by showing them some of the tricks they can do and encouraging them to ask the dogs to do it, they asked for the trick but was too scared to feed them the treat  😉 we will keep working on it. 
Dog recall training today involved one dog at a time on a long line (well the African version which is a rope) attached to their collar. This time when they ignored me after calling them back I can reel them in like a fish on a hook. After about 30 mins of this with each dog I then let them off the leads on the lawn as there was no guest as I feel sorry for them not being able to run free and expel their pent up energy so they ran and played and ignored me when I called, therefore undoing all the hard work I had just put in. It was nice watching them run around though and be free.  Well one of them ran… 


I realise I haven’t mentioned the cat for a while, poor Duma has been in the house the whole time, there was one afternoon where I let her into the garden and followed her around until she figured out she could climb the fence and escape so she promptly went back inside. She sleeps every night on the bed, this cat is only affectionate when she is cold and its get cold here at night, so she curls up on my legs, which is really comfortable during the night.. 
She will be let out soon, we just want her to get used to her new home and know where it is. We can’t keep her inside for ever she is definitely part wild cat, she is an amazing hunter and has fully black paw pads, so we will let her out but make sure she is always inside at night as we have been informed there is a resident leopard near our house. 
Today there was only one guest in camp so we had dinner with her so she wasn’t sitting on her own. On the way to dinner we noticed about 7/8 swifts fly abruptly out of their nest in the roof off the main area and hit the ground. Swift cannot fly well at night they get very disorientated as they should be snuggled up in the warmth of their nest. We attempt to pick them up and throw them back in the direction of their nest but they don’t make it and come back to the ground. We are now worried about snakes and other creatures eating them as well as the cold weather effecting them during the night, we decide to collect them all up and put them in a box inside for warmth and safety during the night. There must be ants or bats or something disturbing them in their nests so at least we can try and keep them warm in the night and let them out tomorrow morning.
We then continue to diner with the guest, who is a very adventurous Kenyan lady who has been living in the USA for 16 years and has now moved back to Kenya. She said she will get us on a few Whatsap groups to try and introduce us to people so we are not just recluses up here on our own!
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