Lewa Safari Marathon

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In the days when you are finishing up work for the term thinking about all the free time, you will have when you move to Kenya and consequently, how fit you will be, you decide it’s a great idea to sign up for the Lewa Safari (half) marathon.  After all, you think, you will be living in the very area where the marathon was supposed to take place. Unfortunately, covid struck again and the marathon has subsequently been turned for the second year into a ‘virtual marathon’. However, the staff (and I) from the camp here will be running the event within the conservancy to try and help raise much-needed funds for Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Tusk Trust.

Unsurprisingly, my staggered dog walks/runs with my arms being pulled in two different directions hasn’t led to me being as fit as originally hoped. Consequently, I now have 22 days to build my running up from 5 (very slow) kilometres to 21 kilometres so I won’t faint from lack of oxygen on the day/get eaten by a lion from being the slowest runner. My Motto is ‘you only have to be faster than the slowest member of the group… I still have work to do. But still, it’s all in the name of charity so we will see how we go. The Lewa Safari marathon, organised by Tusk Trust claims you can


The event is organised annually to assist with funding projects that protect endangered species and supporting the livelihoods of rural communities living alongside wildlife. Last year the virtual marathon raised over £250,000 to provide vital funding to projects protecting endangered species and supporting the livelihoods of rural communities living alongside.


Here is a map of the route for the marathon

If all of this talk has inspired you then it’s not too late for you to join in. You can sign up for 5, 10, 21k or full marathon 42km, if you are feeling up for it you can register here. 

If running is not quite your thing then you can still support by giving what you can to the Just Giving or Go Fund Me page. Comments and good luck wishes will also go a long way, I’m gonna need it!

Photos from Past Marathons


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